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Freelance Genealogy Specialists
Est. 1990

About Tidbit Collections (TC)

Tidbit Collections (TC) is a family of ladies that found genealogy to be fun and an exciting new hobby. Since they began in 1990, TC has taken on new transcribing projects, this website, and scrap-booking some of their family tree ideas.


Tidbit Collections is thorough and very resourceful. TC does not restrict their genealogy searches to just one line; nor do they leave stones un-turn. Tidbit Collections (TC) is in the business to help other genealogists preserve their family lines with the appropriate proof required. Over the years, these ladies have connected the dots to more than one great genealogy mystery. They pride themselves on "thinking outside the box". TC is ready to help you see the bigger picture and get away from those brick walls.



Meet Our Staff 
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What, When, Who, Why, Where, and How - Essentials questions these ladies always ask. They have taken pride over the years, in thinking out the box when piecing the puzzle together. TC is ready for another great genealogy mystery, by helping you see the bigger picture and getting aways from those brick walls. 

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Our Collections

Over the years, Tidbit Collections have been learning the fundamentals of genealogy through various clinics and conferences. From there, they went on to implementing those abilities of research by volunteering in several transcribing projects throughout the State of Missouri.

Now, their latest step in this wonderful "hobby" of discovery is a project beyond simplicity. They are making a collection of several resources subjects, such as: 

  • Rare books

  • Cemetery transcribing

  • Bios of the dead

  • Finding out surnames of married women

  • Writing family booklets 



Our Heritage

Tidbit Collections (TC) started their genealogical adventure back in 1990. The group started with learning the fundamentals of genealogy researching through various clinics and conferences. From there they improved their abilities with the practice of volunteering. The ladies put in several hours of transcribing records for Missouri Digital Heritage Archives (since 2005); indexing for Family Search (since 2009); and recently (since 2014) helping on a cemetery project for Scott County, Iowa - IAGenweb Project.

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