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Good luck on your family research and happy hunting!

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7-point Guide


     If you are new to genealogy or just need a reminder, TC has constructed a 7-point guideline to ensure you great success as you research your family lines. Sometimes, the best tip is a simple one. 

     As you surf our site, we hope you will find useful and helpful hints, link, and information that can help you along the way. Tidbit Collections (TC) wants to wish you Good Luck and happy hunting as you research your families!

Rule 1

Remember that EVERYTHING is a skeleton. Only YOU can prove the "meaty" parts. 


Never take for granted that another researcher's information is concrete, for they may or may not have researched all their information themselves.

Rule 4

Please be courteous and share your family's history to help preserve for future generations.

Rule 2

Do not copy information without permission. However, please remember to give proper credit for someone's hard work.

Rule 5

Be organized and label.

Rule 7

Remember you MUST always have the sources to back up your conclusions.


NOTHING is concrete until you do and NO ONE will take you seriously if you do not.

Rule 3

Genealogy is a never-ending hobby of preservation and NOT a race nor a competition.

Rule 6

Remember to follow the privacy act. 

Not everyone is eager to splash their information all over the internet.

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