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A Grave Lore Series:
The Community with St. Stephens Parish
(Richwoods, Missouri)

A revised version by Taña Wmson and Sondra Taylor of Tidbit Collections © 2016 - 2021

The following passage is a sample of The Introduction
in our Supplementary Book.

          This collection is not simply about the people that went to that church or possibly buried at that cemetery, but a collective narrative about who each person once was when they were alive and what role they might have played within this tight-knit community. When we research, we often look to the community to see the whole picture; for we find that a person is not just a “nobody”, and there is always a pattern if one just looks for it.


Taña Wmson ~ Tidbit Collections



St. Stephen's Parish


     The original building erected about 1840. Its design was known as a poteaux-sur-solle (post-on-sill). This vertical-log building stood for a while, however, there would be 3 more church constructions built on this site.

     In 1877, a new and larger frame would be laid down, but sadly this church had to be torn down due to faulty planning and construction. Between 1901 – 1907, a beautiful new frame church was built and by 1916, it was burned to the ground. The present frame seen today of this church was built afterward and has been standing since 1918. (Dempsey)


Pastors or priests of St. Stephen’s Church

c. 1846 – Jun 1847              Rev. L. Galtier

Jun 1847 – Oct 1847           Rev. J. Duggan

                                            Rev. L. A. Bernier

Aug 1854 – Oct 1855         Rev. J. J. Caffrey

Nov 1879 – Jul 1884           Rev. J. Hennis

Aug 1918 – Jan 1919          Rev. James A. Dockery


     Even though the church was erected around 1840, the 1st baptism, marriage, and death recordings were much later. 

*Dempsey, Fr. Peter J. - The History of St. Stephen Church Begins with one of the previous pastors and his writings about the parish. 2009. 

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